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Learn More About Insurance Risk Points

Insurance companies keep convictions on record for a minimum of 3 years and assess insurance risk points based on the severity of your offence. More than 4 insurance risk points will force you into facility group insurance, affecting your insurance premium and can increase it 100% or more.

Battle Traffic Tickets in Toronto, ON urges you to review the list below for the insurance risk point system for drivers with 4 years or more of driving experience.

You’ll Be Levied Insurance Risk Points for:

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  • At Fault Accident (Last 5 Years) - 2 Points
  • Auto Insurance Fraud (No Time Limit) - 4 Points
  • Criminal Code or Similar Conviction (Last 5 Years) - 4 Points
  • Major Conviction (Last 3 Years) - 2 Points
  • Minor Conviction (Last 3 Years) - 1 Point
  • No Evidence of Valid Auto Insurance (For At Least 12 of the Last 24 Months) - 4 Points
  • Policy Cancellation for Non-Payment of Premium (Last 3 Years) - 1 Point
  • Presenting False Documentation (Last 3 Years) - 4 Points

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